Thursday, April 17, 2008

Two Lips and Happy

I'm going to hesitate before I declare it truly springy here. Sure it was 80 today and sunny and clear and lovely. But that doesn't insure it'll stay that way. Snows in April are not uncommon. But for now it's beautiful. Windows wide open and I don't even mind the twittering birds.

The chartreuse leaved lungwort is coming up in little clumps, so my dividing and transplanting last year apparently did no damage. The purple butterfly bush is finally on its way to being a full-bore shrub. No cutting it back to the ground this year, old growth from last year is budding. Things I don't even remember planting last year are coming up and I can't find my little diagrams to help me remember.

I'm not usually a fan of either: a) tulips once they're out of the bud stage or b) yellow flowers, but these I got last year on clearance for .25 a four pack and bedded are surprisingly jaunty. I think it's the little blush of pinky red


Christina said...

pretty petals.

Pamela said...

Mysterious set of instructions:

Cut one of these flowers, put in a vase, and let it bloom completely out. See what happens to the tulip right before the petals fall. You have to catch it at just the right hour, but you'll end up with something amazingly beautiful and sad...If you miss it, I'll send you a poem about it.