Friday, November 28, 2008

GeeGaws, Turkey Skin, & Looking like a Doofus

I've been on a binge lately, buying things that I find visually interesting...usually I just buy shoes, books, and cds. Over the last few weeks I've just been buying little things that strike me. God knows with winter coming I need something to look at.

Evie made it through her first Thanksgiving with us. By made it, I mean she managed to eat her weight in stuff she begged. We've discovered that she loves cooked carrots and steamed broccoli. However she's not exactly pleasant company after. Usually I give the cat some turkey skin as a little holiday treat--I finally had to lock the dog in the bathroom so Fletcher could actually get his snack. Shameless. I'll have to be careful or the dog will be obese.

I got a new cap for winter. I'm sick of wearing ski-caps, so I got a wool Cadet cap. I wore it the other day for the first time to see if I'd like it. As soon as my mom saw it she said "You look like a doofus. Can you return it?"


Collin Kelley said...

Sometimes I buy pretty things just because they're pretty. Then i have buyers remorse.

Amy L Sargent said...

hey, y'know . . . you in a Cadet cap might be just what Buckhannon needs.

RJGibson said...

Heh..think Chariman Mao's gay bastard nephew...