Thursday, December 4, 2008


I got to work yesterday morning and found a gift bag on the office counter with my name on it. Friends of mine had bought me a Warren Wilson hoodie (their son's an alum.) It didn't strike me until later in the day that it was only a month until my first residency...I think I have everything squared away and taken care of in terms of paperwork and all that I just have to finish my homework assignment.

It's going to be a crazy month, so I think by the time I'm about to hit the road for North Carolina I'll be more than ready to go. I decided to go ahead and accept a promotion, it's nothing too major, just formalizing some things I've already been doing for the owners. We're still hammering out some details regarding hours, but they're determined to make sure I have time for my course work.


Amy L Sargent said...

fabulous . . . i am so anxious to hear how it goes! nothing's cooler than a job that gives room for writing, too.

any chance i'll get updates in chicago in february?

RJGibson said...

I know! I really do like the people I work for and they bend over backwards to give me time when I need it.

If things go according to plan, I'll definitely be in Chicago.

Pamela said...

I hope your residency is fabulous! You're lucky to have such understanding bosses. (I had to fight for every single residency after the first one, even though I had 6 weeks of vacation per year).

I want updates in Chicago, too!

RJGibson said...

Pamela: Thanks. I'm looking forward to it. I am. They really are good folks to work for.