Friday, January 2, 2009

In Which I Through Down w/a Sandwich Technician

Hello from North Carolina. The drive wasn't bad at all. Woke this morning to a pretty decent snow and had a minor freak out. Luckily it had stopped by 11 and by the time I was on the road at noon it was starting to melt.

All was, however, not perfect. I stopped on the way to grab a sandwich and stretch my legs about halfway. As I was waiting for my order I noticed a sign on the register that said "Ask for Additional Condiments." Soooo I asked for some mustard.
"We ain't got no mustard. But we got may-o-naize. "
"But the sign says condiments."
"We got may-o-naize. You want some may-o-naize?"


Collin Kelley said...

Welcome south.

Pamela said...

We are in a parallel universe! I have had an argument with perhaps this same sandwich technician, in which I asked for mustard!

"We don't have no mustard."

"But it says so right there on your sign."

"We don't have no sign in here."

"Right there above your head, on that menu. It says mustard!"

"Oh, that's no menu, that's the prices."

The manager found some mustard. Harvey and I still laugh about this tempermental artiste.