Monday, June 30, 2008

Good God...

What the hell happened to the month of June?

I'm behind on gardening--well I'm behind on lots of things--I still have about a dozen things in their pots from the nursery waiting to be sunk in the ground. It's pathetic. I swear to god I'm planting them all tomorrow morning.

What's been planted is thriving. The shade/semi-shade bed close to the house is filling in nicely. The dogwood is sending out new leaves (that was touch and go during the heat wave. I was sure I'd lose it.) My favorite find of the year is some sort of Hyssop, "Acapulco"--little bunches of tiny trumpet shaped blooms, a sort of cantaloupe color that changes to pink as the flowers spend. Really lovely. The hummingbirds love it.

Finally got around to reading J. Allyn Rosser's Foiled Again. It makes me want to keep writing sonnets.

Plane tickets bought for LA. Now if I can just get that prescription for Xanax I've always wanted.


Keith Woodruff said...

Sonnets you say? Tell me more. Is Rossers book sonnet heavy? I have been worshipping at the sonnet alter for years now. I just freaking love it. And I am always interested in sonnet collections. Recently read Reckless sonnets my Kimiko Hanh, and have a Tony Barnstone collection, 92 pages or so, called Jazz Sonnets. About a break up. Sometimes painful to read, for the wrong reasons. Where are all your sonnets Bard-dude? Cough em up.

Premium T. said...

Xanax: the wonder drug. Better living
through chemicals, I say!