Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Is Just a Tribute

I'm becoming more and more excited about next Monday night and the tribute for Irene. I was nervous and feeling stupid about what I wanted to say and read, so I did a very un-me thing and I called her...basically to get a read on her reaction. We ended up talking over an hour about a little of everything: her neighbors, her new poems, my new poems, my need for a haircut, our anticpation for Monday.

A write up on Irene and for the event is here. I love the poem they reproduce in the article. It was on my shortlist of pieces to read. I opted for another poem from the same book. I'll try to transcribe the one I'm reading and get it online in the next few days.

A general website for the Festivall Charleston is here.

The hosting site's website is here. Frankly that's the most interesting link to me. It's a mix of Federalism and Egyptiana. If the auditorium is ANYTHING like the website I just might have to become a squatter. As soon as I flipped through the website I told Brian that this is one ocassion I must have the digicam for. Truly. It's exceptional.

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James said...


I came across your blog by way of google analytics as I was checking traffic to our site, and I am actually the person who designed it. I appreciate the link and was curious of how you happened to find us. I see that you expressed an interest in our organization, and would be glad to give you a tour whenever you're in the area.