Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zut Alors!

The book-keeper and general problem-solver/go-to person is out today with a migraine. I'm myself and her today. I do not like this. Not a whit.

I'm awfully impressed with Warren Wilson's speed in getting out information, forms and such; especially in regards to answering emails. They're really on the ball. It makes for a lot of reading (and re-reading) and digesting, but I can't say I've ever had such an experience with any other program or school.
I've been shopping around for a new car; I've hated it because I'm trying to be practical and thrifty at the same time and that just complicates things.
I've always thought about fuel-efficiency first and looked at just compact/subcompact models, but now trying to find something in my price range, that's not going to jack my insurance rates to the sky, that's got good crash test ratings and AWD AND something at least moderately fuel efficient...well...yes...I've been a little obsessive...and I wonder if Brian regrets having that Consumer Reports as much as I've asked him to look up models over the last few months.
As much as I've loved my little Focus, I need to get something with AWD: I ain't tryin the mountains in January with just front-wheel-drive...that's for suckers.
Poems out in the mail last week, trying to finish up one more packet this weekend.

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