Friday, November 23, 2007

When Recycling Goes Too Far

Courtesy of Slate.

Things NOT to do with Thanksgiving leftovers

Turkey fried rice. Turkey-mushroom casserole. Turkey dinner muffins. Turkey samosas. Turkey hash. Strawberry-turkey spinach salad. Turkey and veggie lasagna. Turkey chowder with wild rice, crimini, and pancetta. Turkey quesadilla suiza,. Additionally, curried turkey salad on greens, turkey and leek risotto, turkey bundles,turkey tetrazzini, turkey pho,
moo shu turkey
Actually, I'm sort of fond of turkey hash. Especially if you use non-candied roast sweet taters instead of regular russets. The turkey abuses I remember from childhood include: turkey salad sandwiches, creamed turkey (both alone and with egg noodles,) turkey casserole (mix the turkey with cream of mushroom soup and top with old stuffing), turkey noodle soup, turkey a la king. And let me just dear sweet mama did not do ALL these...but these are ones I remember.

What did/do you do with your thanksgiving leftovers?


Radish King said...

No leftovers, just pie. Of course we didn't murder any animals for our dinner. :p

RJGibson said...

LOL. MMMM Pie! I need to have some pie with my coffee I think.

Collin said...

No turkey this year. We did a roast and ham. All the leftovers were divided and have now been consumed. Burp.