Thursday, May 8, 2008

Like a Locust in a Pantsuit

I woke up this morning to discover that the Clintons have hit WV, defying massive debt and mathematics they drag this freak show out . Bill and his waggy finger will be in a little town about a half hour from me tomorrow. Great.

She'll win this state. She'll declare it a gamechanger or a tideturner or some other hackneyed piece o crap that allegedly shows she's a fighter and tough and in it to win it. She'll ask for people to go to her website and give her money three or four times in her post primary speech. The pundits will pretend that she still has a chance and drag this Bataan death march of a primary on. She'll hemorrhage cash. Her negatives will hit new highs.

Can it be Wednesday, May 14 now? She was in Shepherdstown, WV today for a presser. (If Dana Milbank's blog post is right, the behind the scenes action was much better than the actual presser,if only for the parade of ironies.) As soon as she gave her line about "If this was the Republican primary, I'd be the nominee now" line, I tuned out.

Her every appearance reminds me of this:

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