Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The daylilies are outdoing themselves. Surprising because I didn't feed them as heavily this year, but they are full, the blooms on some are so heavy they're warping the stems.

I've had an enormous blue hosta in the corner of the shade bed for years--six or seven, at least--and this is the first summer it's bloomed. It's nothing that spectacular but I'm hoping to get some seed and start some new ones.


The last couple of weeks I've gotten together with a couple of other people and we've workshopped, ate dinner, had some drinks and just enjoyed one another's company. It's been lovely--and I've gotten some serious work done on revising and rethinking some of the poems I wrote earlier this year. It's also been good prep work for Los Angeles. It's been about nine or ten years since I was in a formal workshop and I've been a little worried about having lost the ability to talk about a poem in an intelligent helpful way. I still feel like I need to brush up on terminology but I feel more confident I can talk about a poem in an analytical way.

The neighbors had a cow escape last week. A bull actually. Summer is here.


Pamela said...

Our daylilies are spectacular this year, too. We staggered the long bed so they don't all bloom at once and we have different colors all month long.

I'll have to see about growing hosta from seed--didn't think about this before! We have about 10 in a shade garden.

Montgomery Maxton said...

Cow Escape Season. YES!

Last week there was a Saint Bernard Escape x2 in my neighborhood. I almost hit them with my car.

Keith Woodruff said...

any puppy updates?

RJGibson said...

Pamela: I don't think I set mine out with any kind of forethought. They're just blooming like mad--even ones that just dropped onto the ground in a couple of places.

Usually they reseed themselves pretty well--some of my yellow-margined ones are faster reseeders than they are for dividings.

MoMa: I thought of you as soon as I saw it heading my way.

Keith: I'm putting puppy watch on hold until the end of August. I'll be home more reliably then.