Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things and Things and Things

The gorgeous and vivacious Aaron Smith has been sighted! Actually he's been sighted a few times--he's settling in and is sharp and funny and makes me laugh like I'm twelve. Really it's duh-lic-ious having him so close at hand again.

It'll be less than a week until I get to see Brian. We managed to somehow synch up our schedules so I can see him before I leave for LA and the LLF Retreat. The fact that we're able to see one another twice this summer is more than I'd hoped for.

I'm working on poems like crazy, culling through stuff written earlier this year, trashing most of it. I'm fine with that. It was necessary. I had to write that stuff out to get onto this stuff. And really, I couldn't be more tickled with what's happening.

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Collin said...

I love that photo of Big Foot. I remember seeing it on "In Search Of..." back in the 70s hosted by Leonard Nimoy. Wow, I suddenly feel old.