Thursday, August 9, 2007

Boob News

O Japan. Your culture never ceases to fascinate. Especially your foodstuffs. Feast your eyes on the F-Cup Cookie.

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These tasty morsels according to
[t]he makers of F-Cup Cookies claim women can increase their breast size by eating two of these cookies a day. Each biscuit is said to contain 50mg of a breast-enhancing herb. No indication has been given as to how many days it take to eat your way to an F cup, or what size your butt will grow to as you snack your way to a bigger bosom. Obviously the very idea of breast-enhancing cookies is ridiculous.
Bonus factoid: F-Cup Cookie is the name of a famous Japanese porn star.

Domo Arigato.

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Poet with a Day Job said...

Can we just speak, momentarily, about how painful it is to walk around with D's, never mind F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!