Tuesday, October 16, 2007

8 Things.

From Pamela's Blog.

1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Professional Wrestling.

2. How do you take your coffee?
The same way I spent most of my twenties: blonde and lukewarm.

3. Who were you in a previous life?
O, probably no one of any particular importance.

4. Who or what is your greatest influence?
The music of David Bowie and the poetry of Jack Gilbert and James Schuyler.

5. What is the worst film you ever paid to see?
Lost Souls. I actually walked out.

6. What is the best thing you can buy for a dollar?

7. What is the worst present you ever received?
Herm...probably something from my bitch sister. I don't remember the bad ones. I just give them to Goodwill.

8. What is your favorite word(s)?
They're all dirty.


Poet with a Day Job said...

I am LOL at #2.

Have you read Jimmy Schuyler's letters to Frank O'Hara? It's pretty good.

RJGibson said...

I've not read that one yet. It's on my wishlist...so I'm hoping to get it at xmas. I've had Schuyler's "Just the Thing" collection for a couple years now and just love it.

Pamela said...

These are great. (I should have known you were a Bowie fan. "Suffragette City" especially wakes me up to teach).

Also for the dollar lipliner, would it happen to be Love My Lips #666, which is the best lipliner in the universe?