Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Herm...Really? That's all?

Since there's little more boring than waiting for glue to dry, I took the Tickle, Are You Masculine or Feminine test to while away time.

You're 42% feminine
This is based on how you scored on a variety of traits that, founded on classic research and our own studies, are typically associated with women.

You're also 58% masculine, which is based on how you scored on traits that are typically associated with men. When we compare your results with other men it shows that you are somewhat more feminine than other men.

From the "report" itself...

It is not uncommon for men to have higher masculine scores than feminine and for women to have higher feminine scores than masculine, but there are also many people whose masculine and feminine qualities are roughly equal to one another. When a person's masculine and feminine qualities are balanced they either have high levels or low levels of both. Each configuration has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Your test results indicate that you're Androgynous.

There're also some bullshit charts and stereotypical crap (being a sports fan is apparently very critical to being a man...likewise being cheerful is crucial to being a woman. I fail miserably at both.)

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Poet with a Day Job said...

wow- this stereotypical piece of garbage says I am 70% feminine! I would say that is true. But you won't ever catch me in a dress, or deferring to anyone...

LOL at this RJ. Love the hedghog pics...