Monday, October 1, 2007

Last of the (faux) Pioneer Lesbians

Ach. I struck a blow today for freedom from agricultural tyranny! All of the tomato plants and their last unripened, rotting, blighted fruits are now festering on the compost heap. Huzzah. It's hard to describe the mild pleasure I felt as I yanked each plant and tossed it in the wheelbarrow.

All that's left now is to harvest the peppers to dry and turn into braids and wreaths (that is so totally not my idea, but that's what I'm doing.)

A few weeks ago I took god knows how many pounds of peppers and made jelly and pickles..pretty tasty...but not something I'm going to do again. (When handling peppers...make sure to wash your hands before you go to take a leak...that's all, I'm sayin.) I also ended up making and canning 20 quarts of vegetable broth. That's really what sent me over the edge about never canning again. My ambition and newly found tendency toward thrift got the best of me. The broth's's perfect for soup and stews...but never again in such quantities.

Went last Thursday to a United Methodist Rummage Sale with Ashley, Eric and Tommy...and had a great time. However...when dealing with acronyms for organizations, one should think about adolescent thirtysomethings who giggle when they see signage reading: Make checks payable to BUM Women. This was a serious rummage least 3,000 square feet of stuff. I scored a copy of the New York Times Cookbook for a buck, a verrrry 70s french press (also a buck) and some vintage/retro fabric remnants for this lap quilt I want to make this winter.

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Keith Woodruff said...

tossed it in the red wheelbarrow, glazed with rain beside the crap encrusted steer ... hey! just wanted to stop by a say hi. I think I am back in the saddle.