Thursday, October 18, 2007


To the check-out lady at Wal-Mart who carded me for smokes: Thank you. You made my day.

The art opening Tuesday was pretty fantastic. It was a faculty show, so I knew most of the people showing...this of course lead to the "what do I say if I hate their stuff" quandary...but luckily it wasn't an issue. What was interesting was seeing two people work outside their usual form. An installation artist did a series of paintings that were influenced by Turkish art and Renaissance perspective techniques (with some very Cy Twombly gestural markings that I just loved.) A sort of abstracted landscape painter did charcoal sketches that owed a fair bit to photorealism but elided certain details. Lovely stuff.

In the middle of packing for a quick trip to Baltimore and the beloved. Sigh. I hate hate hate packing. I'm checking the weather here and there and trying to plan ahead. I really don't want to pack too much...but I always do. And I most likely will again.

What necessary thing do you hate, gentle reader?


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Pamela said...

Laundry (though I do like ironing).

Office hours (though I do like students).

Driving (though I do like to be chauffeured, really really fast).