Friday, February 8, 2008


I love that word. When I started setting up my aquarium years ago it was recommended that I get a couple of small schools of tetras to use as dither fish because I wanted a breeding pair of Kribensis (Pelvichromis Pulcher). Occasionally the word just gets stuck in my head apropos or not. Today it's apropos.

Three days off in a row and I'm catching up on so much post-AWP stuff...laundry mainly, mail, cleaning out the fridge. There's writing to do. And reading. I've got enough books and lit. mags to keep busy reading for a solid three months. Oh those crazy last day book fair discounts.

Cooking like crazy today. Tomorrow night I'm getting together with friends for a little dinner and conversation. I'm making a Praline Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise for dessert. I think the Creme Anglaise is a has to cool totally, but something seems off. I make custard a lot and figured the CA would be a snap...but no. Not today. Some day I'll learn to just run to the bakery like a normal person.

Does AWP self-google? I got my post-conference survey and noted a bit in the email where they said something along the lines of "we enjoy reading your blogs about the conference."


Christopher Hennessy said...

I noticed that comment in the AWP email, too. Creepy. Like, "Just so you know, we're watching you."

Hey, man, thanks for the note regarding "Cicada Lessons." As I recall you said you have poems in the upcoming BLOOM, so I will look forward to reading them!!!

RJGibson said...

I was a little startled...sure we could expect them to do that...but to be so out there about it?