Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh, Hillary

On the one hand, I'm enjoying watching the Jr. Senator from NY struggle through the primary season. That whole "inevitability" "I'm not going to lose" jazz coming from her and her campaign last summer and fall just annoyed me like heat rash. On the other hand, I am mortified for her by certain of her choices in the last 24 hours.

*The Dallas Morning News has a picture from the kick off of her El Paso event last night: a mortified five-year-old in a Mariachi outfit was paraded out to hand her flowers. I know she's courting Hispanic voters. But a Mariachi outfit?? I'd vote for the five year old...he at least has enough sense to feel shamed.

* Shouting "I'm tested. I'm ready. Let's Make it happen." only works if you're just back from the free clinic. Besides--Rudy! used this same line in Florida...and look how that turned out.

*Then, there's this:

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Collin said...

Oh, my god. How absolutely humiliating and embarrassing is that? That's a vote killer right there.