Tuesday, February 5, 2008

While I Should Be Working

Doing what I get paid for, I am not. I'm watching the primary returns, reading blogs, and looking at poems, my own and a friend's. My chapbook-length poem series thingie is almost done...it's currently 28 sections...only a couple more to go for tone and balance and I think I can start doing the heavy lifting and revising.

I'm also working on an artist's statement...it's excruciating. Ego(t)istic as I sometimes (often?) am, I find it hard to talk about my work in broad strokes.


Montgomery Maxton said...

gd-it RJ give us the skinny on who hooked up with who at AWP - Ass Will Pleasure.

RJGibson said...

Lordy...I shall never think of AWP the same way again! Sadly--not staying on site at the Hilton I was out of the loop for a lot of the shenanigans...dammit!