Thursday, February 21, 2008


Driving home from work this morning I had NPR on. My radio has developed an exciting new glitch: it adjusts the volume automatically. Sometimes getting ear-bustingly loud, other times zeroing out almost immediately.

There was a story from the local NPR folks about the State Medical Examiner's office releasing the wrong body to a family for burial. I didn't get far in before the volume zeroed out and I couldn't increase the volume to hear the rest of the story. All I had was the opening sentence floating in my head for the rest of the drive. By the time I was home, I had a poem draft. This won't be up long.

aaaaand scene.


Christopher Hennessy said...

Hey! Colon, eh? Did you find the description apt? Mine seemed right, but then again I think they're made to fit anyone's ego.

Email me your email. I can't find it.

Chennessy at hotmail

RJGibson said...

I did find it apt.