Tuesday, February 5, 2008

POed Cats and Other Sundries

Squirrel--Alive with Pleasure

I told my mom this morning that Huckabee would win the GOP caucus in WV today. I chalked itup to his "I ate fried squirrel" story in the news a few weeks ago. I'm sticking to that.

Fletcher the wonder mouser has yet to forgive me for leaving and coming back smelling of strange cat. He's like a pissed-off 13 year old girl, turning his head away from me as he walks past so he can't see me. I guess pets do end up resembling their owners.

Almost 70 today. Insane. Soon it'll be spring. That means insane gardening and cattle escapes.

A little Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon fun for Aaron. Thanks to Brian for showing me this the other night.