Sunday, December 23, 2007

Annie Lennox and Al Green, "Put A Little Love in Your Heart"


Poet with a Day Job said...

congrats on winning the cappy contest!

Collin said...

That's right, that's right, uh huh..

RJGibson said...


Collin: Sing it, sister.

Pamela said...

I do love the Right Reverend Green.

Congratulations on fulfilling my prediction--I said weeks ago you'd win the caption contest.

Merry merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am packing for my low-rez program and wrapping christmas presents at the same time, which I don't recommend. I just put my best skirt into a Christmas bag and packed Radish King, I hope. It is my planned Boxing Day gift to myself.

RJGibson said...

Thanks pamela! You're too too kind.

Good luck with the packing and wrapping. Hope you have a delightful time at low-res!

Ah boxing day. I work boxing day. But I hope it's slow so I can read.