Monday, December 17, 2007


Things worth reading this morning:

Rebecca's Fashion Corner.
Peter Pereira, Pundit.
Anne Haines asks a damned good question.

And by morning I mean 1:00 pm eastern time when I woke up.

Most of my xmas wrapping is done. I'm still waiting on a few things to arrive in the mail and then it's all done. I've tried not to go crazy this year shopping for Brian...but I see random little things and just immediately go all "Shiiiiny" and have to make myself not grab it.

Christmas cards are another beast entirely. Which is pitiful, because I only mail out 6 or 7 a year. I usually buy "Season's Greetings" ones or "Happy Holidays"--something generic that if it gets there between Xmas and New Year's it still fits the bill. This year I committed myself to "Merry Christmas." They must be done tonight and go into the mail tomorrow.

What the hell is a "Dirty Santa?" I've been hearing people talk about this a lot lately...when I'm out I eavesdrop. At first I thought it was Dirty Sanchez....and that's what got my attention. Two late-middle-aged ladies with perfectly set salon perms in the wal-mart talking about Dirty Sanchez. Alas, no. But then I've been hearing it more often the last week.


Pamela said...

"Dirty Santa" is a Chinese auction gift exchange. Everyone brings a wrapped present. The players draw numbers, and the first person opens a gift. The second person can either open another gift or take the first person's gift away. If the first person's gift is taken, he opens another present and then player 3 can take gifts from 1 or 2 or open a new present. And on and on.

Confusing? Yep. Once a gift is "taken" 3 times by the same person, it's his/hers to keep. This often leads to general hilarity, especially if Christmas Martinis have been consumed. Alliances are formed, and grudges are cherished year to year.

I'm ruthless at this game. That's how I got my pink and black mixing bowls and my antique papier-mache Santa face. Harvey's school calls me the "Dirty Girl." They have no idea.

RJGibson said...

Thank you!

Clear as mud...but I've got the basics.

I could see how this could get ugly fast.