Saturday, December 15, 2007

Charm Free

I got caught up this afternoon on the last couple of Project Runway episodes. Every week I find myself wanting to hunt down Tim Gunn and assault him for that line in the first episode about the breadth and depth of talent in this pack of competitors. Horse hocky.

I can understand the production company wanting to steer away from persona heavy drama this season--rather like Top Chef did this past season. Give us strong creative people with points-of-view and let their work speak for itself. Fine--it's a good idea. In Top Chef's case it worked this season. So far, for me anyway, Project Runway is falling flat . Except for Christian and crazy Elise, these people seem to need drugs or serious personality implants. Ok--Victorya is a passive aggressive bitch but that's not personality and it's not why I hate her (her first two outfits are all the reason I need. Metallics and coordinating flower/bow/knot things...gag. If you can get to a Steve & Barry's and see her winning design for the Sarah Jessica Parker challenge do it. It looks like a burlap sack raped a painter's smock. Hidjeous. The racer back vest is almost cute. Almost. But there's maybe 5 people in the western hemisphere it would look good on.) Ultimately though it's the sheer boring clothes that makes me stop part-way through and think "Why am I watching this again?" I can't remember from week to week who did what. There's no fear of Nina or Kors going off on clothes being too editorial. It's all safe middle-of-the-road bleh.


Peter said...

I think it's Christian, Rami, or Kevin this year. And my money is on Christian. I love hearing him say "fierce."

RJGibson said...

Peter: I'm with you all the way about Christian. I love him. He at least has some style.

Rami--he drapes well. Nice clothes. But I feel like I've seen it before...and not just Nick in Season 2.

Kevin doesn't do much for me either way. I liked his menswear challenge outfit. Beyond that no strong feeling.

As much as she freaks me out, I'm warming to Sweet P. That first awful outfit aside, she's done some good clothes.

The one that astounds me is Elise. She actually thrives in the team challenges. I'm curious to see if she can channel what she obviously learned from those two experiences when she's working solo. The remake the outfit challenge seems to indicate no.