Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rejected Captions

Now that the latest round of voting for C Dale's Caption Contest Throwdown is done, here are some of the also rans I came up with.

Four heads no waiting

Free Valtrex with every 8 pack.

My secret? I puke.

Wait 'til you see how I open the second one.

Not to be outdone by Screech, Mario finished his sex tape with the "Dirty Lopez."

Corona: Strong enough for a man. Made for a wanker.

From Mario Lopez and the makers of Has-Been comes the new fragrance for men: Chunder.

Always ready to please his
Dancing with the Stars fans, Mario reenacts his Paso Douchebag triumph.


Collin said...

LOL! Some of those are really funny. Yeah, I totally got hosed. I actually don't get Joe's thing about putting the Corona on his nipples. Say what?

RJGibson said...

Collin: Thanks.

Yea that one was...a head scratcher.