Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best Bond Themes...Evah

I really love the old Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary 2 disc set...though by now it's incomplete. (And CK--though I admire Gladys' pipes, her theme has never really clicked for me. Sort of like Chris Cornell's for Casino Royale. I want to like them, but I just don't.)

So here in no particular order, my 10 Favorite James Bond Themes

01. Shirley Bassey "Diamonds are Forever."
02. Lulu "The Man with the Golden Gun."
03. Duran Duran "View to a Kill."
04. Paul McCartney w/Wings "Live and Let Die"
05. Dionne Warwick "Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
06. Madonna "Die Another Day."
07. Shirley Bassey "Goldfinger"
08. Garbage "The World is not Enough"
09. Tina Turner "Goldeneye"
10. Louis Armstrong, "We Have All the Time in the World."

This list of course omits the remixes of various Bond themes by Moby and the Propellerheads.


Collin said...

Wot?! No Carly Simon? The Spy Who Loved Me (Nobody Does It Better) is a great Bond them.

Collin said...

P.S. Who the hell is going to sing the theme to the worst Bond movie name ever: Quantum of Solace?

RJGibson said...

CK--I like the Carly theme...but it feels soooo dated (the early Elton John influence doesn't wear well.)...she's prolly number 11.

Who's almost washed-up but still has audience appeal?