Monday, January 28, 2008


Via Pamela and Colin K, five songs/artists that best approximate my own aesthetic sensibilities. In no particular order.

1. The Kills, "No Wow." Buzz and stomp and a sense of threat. The pure simplicity of lyric. The sense that you're as likely to be kissed as punched. The first time I heard this, in Eric's living room, I thought I would have a panic attack.

2. David Bowie, "Cracked Actor." Seedy and spent and shattered. The sounds and rhythms, the persona. Bliss.

3. Tori Amos, "Datura." The vegetable world, the garden, the catalog.

4. Michael Stipe, "Arms of Love." A cover of the old Robyn Hitchcock song. Naked and plainly stated. (This isn't a performance vid, but uses the song as a background to a variety of pics...odd.)

5. Bjork featuring Thom Yorke, "I Have Seen It All." Self-explanatory, really.


Collin said...

Yeah, I was torn about Bjork, too. She's been a big inspiration lately.

Pamela said...

Great choices, Colin.

I almost put Bowie on my list, too. "Suffragette City" isn't my particular aesthetic sensibility, but the rhythm gets me in the mood to write every time. So do the Ramones, especially "I Wanna Be Sedated."