Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tyranny of Options

I'm not someone afraid of choices...changes often, choices, no. I'm more likely to be overwhelmed by the hordes of the dumb and damned in big box stores than I am the stacks of merch and bulging shelves--I like options. So I finally decided I'd look at the AWP schedule and see what was going on--a couple of things I definitely know I'll do...the Pitt Series reading, the Post-Gay Identity panel are musts.

So I printed the schedule and started perusing--easy enough to opt of out some sessions. But then there are several things simultaneously scheduled that I want to do or would like to sit in on. I suppose it's good--if something's too crowded I can opt for something else. All the same, there's that nagging interior whine "but what if thaaaaat's good" thing.

Poems still coming. Different rhythms and sounds than I normally truck in, awfully exciting.

Still haven't looked at the recently-finished beast. It's staying zipped up in my briefcase--though I desperately want to.

Why is it someone can find the money to play video keno but not buy soap and deodorant?

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Collin said...

Wow, I skip your blog for a day or two and you're posting like mad. I see you're Garbage obsession is still raging as well. You need to post photos of the shoes. Line em up!