Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chimps with Sticks

The other night, at a little get-together, Eric asked me what I'd meant in the Brian is Right post. I realize it might be a little vague and lacking context...but it was one of the things I'd hoped to get around to fleshing out last week. It was simply my reaction to the Clinton NH primary win, but Brian, god bless him, expressed it far better than I could have.

He was a Gore 2000, Dean 2004 guy; I was a Gore 2000, Edwards 2004 guy. I still like Edwards and have serious issues with the other two; he hates Edwards and isn't jazzed by any of this bunch.

I remember at the time of the 2000 elections being astonished how many people voted for what's-his-face because his name was familiar; at the time it proved my contempt for my perceived, willful ignorance of the opposing party and their well-earned nickname, "know nothings." I was not surprised (and just as depressed) to read this exit poll article that most of the people voting for HRC in NH would prefer her husband have a third term.

While Clinton may have beaten the other current Democratic candidates, the exit poll shows she would not have beaten her own husband. When asked to choose between their candidate and Bill Clinton - were he allowed to run for a third term - 56 percent of Hillary's supporters chose Bill.

Why do I feel like we're doomed?

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