Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Updates, New Yearishness edition

The Baltimore trip was grand--much shopping, much eating, good restful sleep, Brian and presents. It was entirely too short though, the only consolation being I'll be back before hieing North to AWP in just a few weeks.

Macy's at the Marley Station Mall was a treasure trove of oddities: from the multi-jurisdictional, 5 cop search and detention of a guy in the parking lot (hands cuffed behind his back, sitting on the pavement), to the discomfiting mannequins inside (heads and armless torsos that look inspired by Return of the Jedi: a gold stretch and sequined sort of C-3PO cum drag-diva model and a red quilted Imperial Guard number stood out and made me wish I had my camera), and disgruntled German shoppers holding up the Men's Wear Denim Sale line--factor in the fact that I found TWO pairs of jeans on sale that give me an ass (no small feat, let me tell you) and I knew it was going to be a day to remember.

Working New Year's Eve sucks. Being the only sober person in a bar as the ball drops sucks more. This is the first sober New Year's I've had in almost 18 years. Not sure where that ranks on the pathetic scale.

Drove home this morning into an oncoming storm. If I were a different sort of person, I'd assume this was some sort of metaphor. Thank god I'm not Kate Chopin or one who looks for signs and omens.

Arrived home to find late Christmas packages from the sibs and their spawn--nothing awful that I have to return this year. Everything is the right size and not hideous. Amazing. Likewise, no acceptances nor rejections--so it's a wash mail-wise. Bills of course and a couple of magazines.

My fascination with those vacuumed space saver bags is a little worrisome.

One of my favoritest AbFab bits ever. Bubble on New Year's.


Collin said...

What's she dribbling on about?

I love AbFab so much. Can't believe this ep. is from 14 years ago!!!

Christopher Hennessy said...

One of my all-time fav. clips! I LOVE BUBBLE. I AM BUBBLE!