Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Little Things 2: Electric Boogaloo

Woke today to a massive crash of ice and snow sliding off the roof. The melt is on! Hallelujah! I can live with the mud and puddles and swampy bits much better than the fear of my car going into the ditch.

Walked around some outside and saw that all the daffodils/narcissus and tulips I bought on clearance last spring are coming up. You can't beat fifty cents per four pack. I ended up with 30 of those packs last year--and am going to make sure I get more this year. No sense in giving more money to large chain home improvement stores than I have to. No really stunning specimens, but quite a few tete-a-tete daffodils (they're a dwarf type with ridiculously tiny blossoms). They're on a bank to the driveway that is just an absolute mess to mow and maintain during the summer due to its angle; so I'm trying to slowly build a loose sort of rangy bed there of spring and summer blooming plants to take over and "naturalize." Light-tolerant hosta and daylilies for summer and the daffs and tulips in the early part of the year. I'm surprised at just how many are coming up--I was afraid the tulips would be eaten by the rodents.

Just found out that a short prose poem of mine will be appearing at Six Sentences next month. I'll have a post when it appears.

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Montgomery Maxton said...

congrats on your 6S piece! it is a fun site to be on.