Thursday, February 22, 2007

Notes from a Scandal Junkie

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I'll admit it--I spent most of yesterday glued to the telly watching the judicial shenanigans from Broward County and most of today, too. Honestly, I have no defense, just naked prurient curiosity. And frankly, now that it's over I feel like I need a shower and wished I'd done something more worthy, like picking out paint chips or plucking my eyebrows.

And Britney's back in rehab. Again. Good Christ.

It's not like there's a war where everyone else is dialling down and we have an administration that thinks ideological stubbornness and resolve are the same thing. A war co-managed, might I add, by a DoD that allows its soldiers to be housed in deplorable conditions in what is supposed to be a flagship hospital.

I know I run to this sort of mindless tabloid fodder just for a break from thinking about everything else...but I seriously wonder about the draw for others.

I picked up the Scissor Sisters' disc Ta Dah earlier this week and have been playing the hell out of it. It's not as satisfying as their eponymous first album (their Bee Gees cum Giorgio Moroder cover of "Comfortably Numb" a song that I (ordinarily) despise is worth the cost of the album alone) because of the sheer trashy joy that runs through so much of it ("Filthy/Gorgeous" and "Tits on the Radio" are sleazy smart fun.) On the current album I do enjoy figuring out what songs their pastichey songs are referencing and what they make me think of. I'm particularly fond of the current single "She's My Man," which manages to crib from Elton John's "All the Young Girls Love Alice," Bonnie Tyler's "Holdin' Out for a Hero," and Cher's "Black Lady," sometimes all in the same bar. It's fun, but not as much fun as the first.

Running around packing for tomorrow's trip to Baltimore has just made me cross-eyed. I hate packing and always, always, always, end up with more than I need. So I'm trying to be smart this clue if it's gonna work or not. Plus I woke up with a hideous headache that is resisting all efforts to medicate it away, which has made concentrating on this nearly impossible. Nonetheless, I'm ready to go. I can't wait to see the big neon Domino Sugar sign from I-395.

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