Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the Dream Academy

I had this dream about a month ago, and besides a quick mention of it to Brian, I just put it out of my mind and went on with things. Until last night, when I had it again. The first time it happened I thought it odd; having it a second time is just bizarre.


I’m alone in a friend's house, though the furniture is upholstered differently, it is her house. In the real world it’s a small cottage like affair. In dream world there seem to be all of these ells branching off of it. I’m in bed when a person I used to know socially (I wouldn’t really call us friends) appears, naked at the bedside, yelling at me for sleeping with Tony. Over and over. “You slept with Tony.” (To the best of my knowledge, I never slept with anyone named Tony; though I admit, I was never a stickler for names.)


She goes running through the house to get away from me and I’m following her. I corner her in the living room and she’s still going on about Tony. The furniture seems to grow larger and larger and she seems to shrink. Then she begins back flipping through the living room, using the furniture to launch herself. She continues backflipping down the hall, growing smaller and smaller until she vanishes.

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