Friday, March 9, 2007

Those Whacky Russians

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When they're not conducting shady arms deals, appointing warlords or assassinating dissidents, those guys in Russia sure do love readin' about sex. From the Pravda English site.

A sample of the headlines and their accompanying teaser text.

Women’s logic has been the subject of numerous articles bearing the negative connotation only. Men authors tend to have similar opinions about women's memory and mental talents. Some men may even say that a woman is men's best friend. If you try to listen to any conversation in a group of men, you will inevitably hear some of them saying that women cannot be taken seriously as many of them are stupid...

We still live in the good old patriarchal society no matter what we think of it or how civilized it may look to us. Ladies need to bear it in mind that sexual intercourse is something they cannot avert. Taking pleasure in sex is better than having sex without any pleasurable sensations...

Yes ladies bear in mind...sexual intercourse is something you cannot avert.

Male phobias: what are the bravest men afraid of?
Men are not afraid of anything. They are not afraid of mice, cellulite, or sexual harassment. However, men do have their secret fears, the ones they would rather keep to themselves. Women can only speculate about those phobias.

Young British woman Ellie Allen experiences an orgasm every 5 minutes. Any kind of vibration, even a small one, causes the most violent reaction in the British girl’s body. The poor girl doesn’t know where to turn anymore to get away from this misery, which is ruining her whole life.

18 most common mistakes women make in sex
Men hate women who talk too much in bed and are obsessed with their looks...Here they are, 18 most common mistakes women make in bed. Men want you to learn about them. You may notice that some of the points seem to have no relation to sex at all. However, this is what puts the men off and makes you less attractive. That is why these points are as important as sexual complaints

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