Thursday, March 22, 2007

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Hallelujah for prescription meds. They seem to be doing the trick. I can sit up for more than an hour without feeling like my chest is tightening and can talk for about 10 minutes without needing to cough. The taste of the inhalant however, leaves something to be desired.
Ever since I was treated for anxiety/panic attacks a few years ago I have been very careful and perhaps, overly cautious, about taking certain meds. One of the things I had to work out then were what exactly triggered the attacks so I could, whenever possible, avoid them. One of the ones that almost always set me off were decongestants or products containing diphenhydramine.

They seemed to work too well, completely drying out my sinuses, my mouth, reaching back to the throat where it felt as if it were constricting because of the dryness. This has made dealing with headcolds and the like a little difficult, because I'd rather deal with blowing my nose a dozen times an hour or a nasal drip problem than living through a panic. So when I read the included pamphlets for my meds, the list of side effects for the inhaler (accelerated heart rate, dry mouth) made me a little nervous, but I went ahead and did it. It does give me a whopping case of dry mouth for the first half hour and makes me a little hyper for a couple of hours after dosing but it does help with the shallow breathing.

'Til Death Do Us Part has potential. The second episode was better than the first, though the Mink Stole cameo and denoument of the first were funnier. I read a review somewhere that said the show wasn't quite over the top and broad enough. And I sort of agree--because of the needs to compress a narrative into a thirty minute block, certain scenes and beats feel a little too sketchy and short hand. The show feels more like an old Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode, especially with the John Waters character bookending the story, than anything. I'm disappointed that there's not more of him in the episodes--but understand the probable reasons for it.

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