Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This Monkey's Gone to Heaven

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The head of a Plano school district facility that houses exotic animals said Monday he fears for his professional future there after saying he believed that a local pet owner was having sexual relations with his rhesus macaque monkey.

The Plano Star Courier in Saturday's edition quoted Plano ISD's Jim Dunlap as saying a man was having relations with the monkey seized last month by authorities. The head of PISD's Living Materials Center said the pet owner, Bobby Crawford Jr., sent a box of toys for Darwin the monkey to play with while he was kept there. In that box was an audiotape.

"After listening to the tape, Dunlap said Crawford made references to Darwin and himself engaging in mutual stimulation," the story read.


Mr. Crawford said he did send a tape for the monkey to listen to, but that he was probably crying when he recorded it and that it contains nothing but comforting baby talk. He said there was nothing sexually suggestive on the tape and called Mr. Dunlap's initial conclusion "ridiculous."

"I don't have sex with my monkey. That's absolute crap," Mr. Crawford said. "Why would I do that? I gave him an audiotape, but it didn't have anything like that on it. It said, 'I'm coming home, I'm coming to get you. Daddy's coming, he's coming to get you,' " Mr. Crawford said. can't make this shit up.

(Unused alternate titles: Shock the Monkey, If I Could ^%#@ with the Animals)

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Darnitol said...

Actually, you CAN make this sh*t up, and Dunlap, the accuser already admitted to the Dallas Morning news that he did exactly that.

There's a LOT more to this story that this first newspaper article did not report.

Jim Dunlap (the man who made the accusation) now says he made a "gross error" and is now trying to do a "take back" to avoid getting fired and the crap sued out of himself and his employer.

Check out the Updates page on Save Darwin for links to the original story and the Dallas Morning News story that makes it clear that the accuser here is the criminal, not the guy who owned the monkey.