Sunday, March 11, 2007

Animals Amok Week

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The Night of the Lepus post got me thinking about similar movies and just how much I love them. The "animal amok" horror movie is always something that can make me smile--usually because they're just so damned bad. I'll admit that actually I don't love them ironically. Even though I appreciate them as camp, it's sincere. I love almost every aspect of their badness. Part of my fondness might be driven by the fact that they were a staple; out of the 70s movies that could be replayed with minimal cuts and cheaply on network tv, these had to be a bargain for the networks. I remember seeing at least half of this week's choices on network telly as a kid. We didn't have cable (we lived too far in the stopped about a half mile from our house); satellite tv wasn't really an option until I was in junior high. There's another thing about these flicks-- each time I see one I think to myself: this is someone's favorite movie. So this week I'm going to do a rundown on my favorites. Each with a haiku synopsis. (A fun note about Night of the Lepus--it's as old as I am. But I think I've aged better...despite lacking DeForest Kelly's hair and Janet Leigh's cheekbones.)

Fun trivia--the movie can be seen in both Natural Born Killers and the Matrix.

Exquisitely bad dialogue: Ladies and gentleman, reports from headquarters confirm that the horde of killer rabbits is getting closer to town. High voltage has been turned on to a section of the railroad tracks, and it is your car lights that we hope will huddle the rabbits under them. There will be machine gun and rifle fire to both kill and divert these monsters. Do not panic.

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Greg the bunny knew he should've never taken that PCP from the Caddyshack gopher.

So now, the synopsis:

Night of the Lepus
Mutant bunnies kill.
Reservists stop their rampage.
The town is saved. Yay!

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