Sunday, March 4, 2007

Dribs and Drabs

*Winter is proving to be more persistent than a case of herpes. It's flared up again and there's more snow and craptastic weather. Huzzah.

*I've finished a new poem a little while needs a title. This strikes me as being much preferable to my usual state: having a title but an incomplete/unsatisfying poem. It's going into a file for a bit so I can revise.

*Brian has adopted a kitten from the Baltimore SPCA. It is gray and white and suitably adorable. I would like my complimentary toaster now for sucking him into the cat people cult. Thank you. You'll be a good cat daddy, I promise.

*Jessica Simpson, apparently, is allergic to cheese (don't ask me why a Google search today lead there). I'm late hearing about this. It disappoints me. There would have been much snark potential had I known earlier when I was incredibly cranky.

*Bjork's Post album makes me unbearably happy.

*Since I was in Baltimore I've been dreaming again.

*DirectTV has started airing the CHILLER channel, specializing in thriller/horror programming. They're airing Twin Peaks. I love the show. It went off the rails in the second season when a mannered quirkiness outweighed menace and unsurety but the first season is solid; it unnerves and inspires me.

*Why do I hate so many famous people from Texas?

*Michael Jackson is the most expensive whore in the world.

*The Arcade Fire have a new album out. I want it. Now.

*I desperately need a haircut. I'm calling tomorrow.

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