Friday, March 2, 2007

Why I Need to Move

As I've said earlier, there are pros and cons of living in a rural area; and it's something I'm frequently conflicted about. Lately though I've felt chafed. I'm not sure if it's because I'm back from Baltimore or what. But I'm sick of simplistic bumper sticker conservatives. I'm also appalled by the Hitch Critters "Don't-Shoot-Deer" trailer hitch attachment. I saw one of these while at a stop light. In action it's far more hideous than the company's promo pictures would have you imagine. The little legs move up and down and the bulls-eye on the belly glows a cheap lurid red. It activates whenever the brakes are applied. Truly, mortifying. At least the truck sporting it didn't have a "Git Er Done" bumper sticker.

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Carter said...

I think that we should construct and market one shaped like a human fetus.

hitchcritterdan said...

My name is Dan and I am one of the inventors of the Hitch Critter Don't Shoot Deer.

We know it is stupid - but you have to admit it is kind of funny. We think it has a goofy charm.

In fact, we have a Flopping Bass, Motorcycle Hog, Wiggling Dog, Sign-Waving Horse, Crawling Black Widow Spider, and will have a duck in time for Father's Day.

Come On - Don't Move! Just loosen up and have some fun.

RJGibson said...

Dan: It's very definitely attention-getting. I did check out your product line while trying to figure out just exactly what it was I saw attached to the Dodge's trailer hitch. I can't argue that there's a market for it. It's definitely a unique idea--something I might actually buy a certain relative next christmas.