Thursday, April 26, 2007

Iceberg Life

I've been fighting a headcold the past day and a half. It's been lovely outside and I keep playing the "if I felt better I could" game. It's down to just a stuffy nose now, so I guess it's just a short-term bug. I'm feeling dreadfully unmotivated--not interested in much of anything really. I just want to sleep; I think I've slept more since Tuesday than I do in three or four "normal" days. Hopefully I can get everything planted this weekend like I've planned for the past month.

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Helleborus 'Walhelivor' Ivory Prince Hybrid

I picked up some of these while I was out nursery shopping the other day. I love hellebores. I love the idea of things flowering in winter/snow. Especially because of the colors. Sadly, they're not easy to find here. I got a couple of Nigeri a year or so ago from a nursery owner I trade cuttings and plants with, but they've not bloomed yet. I love this Ivory Prince. Although the description says it's got cream colored flowers, they're actually a pistachio green color. I love green flowers, so I hope they stay a greenish color and don't turn cream as they age. I grabbed some various bulbs to fill in with and picked up some nifty columbines and two weigelia (pink and red.)

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