Friday, April 20, 2007

Poem for the Day

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is probably page for page my favorite Louise Gluck collection. Most likely it's because I feel a stronger thematic connection to this material than some of her others. I saw my orange/white tabby Fletcher out hunting in the meadow this morning and thought of this poem.

Parable of the Beast

The cat circles the kitchen
with the dead bird,
its new posession.

Someone should discuss
ethics with the cat as it
inquires into the limp bird:

in this house
we do not experience
will in this manner.

Tell that to the animal,
its teeth already
deep in the flesh of another animal.


Charles said...

That is my favorite Gl├╝ck collection too.

"I said you could snuggle. That doesn't mean
your cold feet all over my dick."


RJGibson said...

I have been tempted many times to post that one. But it's never seemed right.

"I wished for what I always wish for.
I wished for another poem."