Friday, April 27, 2007

I Feel Pretty

Occasionally I get bored so I do those Tickle Tests online to pass the time. I also end up getting some delightful mass market emails out of it. Like today's gem: GUIDE TO LOVE: The Art of Lingerie. Yes yes yes. I now know how to coordinate my day/evening lingerie options with my zodiac sign. Thank you god. I've always wondered. The great thing is, I'm born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo, so I have double the shiny panty options. Sadly, this week's installment only goes Aries to Virgo...I have to wait until next Friday to find out what everyone from Libra to Pisces needs.

From the website:

The Art of Lingerie by Sign (Part 1)
Express yourself by day and night

Pretty lingerie is highly underestimated when it comes to the power it has to spice up your life. Make your fantasies come true with one of life's great pleasures, by exploring the universe of lingerie - astrologically. Your sun sign can predict the looks that will help you feel good all under, all day. Plus, it can bring you compliments and kisses in your boudoir at night.


Leo: Flaunt It
Hi-end designer to-die-for-lingerie is always next to your skin both day and night.You won't spare any expense to look rich and sexy under your clothes, even if you're the only one who knows it. For the boudoir, be daring in anything tastefully sexy, from a bustier set that's elegant, not trashy, to a flamboyant little costume that shows off your best assets, in your favorite theatrical color - gold.

Virgo: Sexy to Perfection
Neat, classic and unfussy, Virgo's prefer to be perfectly pulled together with the most stylishly functional lingerie underneath - but remember matched sets can come in some perfectly yummy under-things, too. Confident Virgo gals also understand the magic of layering as a tactic to get a lover to dig for her buried passions. Leave your dressing room in a new silk robe and lace chemise in one of your feel-good shades of navy, sable or black, and he'll be undressing you layer, by layer in no time.

So lessee: bustier, flashy little costume, layering, sable/black/gold...that leaves me with this:

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