Monday, April 16, 2007

Thrilled for a Friend

My friend Minda, who honestly is more of a little sister than anything, just emailed me with some fantabulous news from Pittsburgh. She's okayed the sharing, so here goes.

She just finished a 12-hour shoot on the new John Leguizamo/Donnie Wahlberg tv series, The Kill Point. Here's her dispatch from the set:

Unfortunately, I only saw John L. for a couple seconds as he was getting into his car. Donnie (New Kids On The Block) Wahlberg played the old 'tap on the shoulder and walk away' game with me on set...the first time I looked at the person I was talking to and asked, 'Did Donnie Wahlberg just tap my shoulder?" And the guy smiled and said no...then a minute later he did it again and I replied, 'What? Are you 5?" and everyone laughed. (I'd like to point out that Donnie and I had NOT been introduced and he did NOT play this tapping game with anyone else...HOWEVER, he is losing his hair...painfully.)

The guy from The Brothers McMullen, Mike McGlone, was very nice as well and remembered EVERYONE'S name.
The big fun here is that I got paid...minimum wage. It doesn't matter!! I'm a WORKING ACTRESS!!!
Big ups baby.

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Carter said...

No Way!!! Go Minda!!! Though success truly won't be hers until she stars in a movie with Sinbad and the late Phil Hartman.