Friday, May 4, 2007

70 Degrees and Partly Cloudy

It's really beautiful today...just a skosh muggy...but there's the barest breeze that counters.

I reek. I'm sweaty. I got a few hundred pounds of sod moved and then replaced it with a few hundred pounds of sand, peat hummus, cow manure and dirt (all in a 1:1 ratio). It's raked and aerated and ready for planting. All told I think I've moved half a ton of material. My back however is ready for a couple of Extra Strength Tylenol. The planting can wait til tomorrow. I need to rejigger my map and plotting.

Fletcher, lord love him kept me company while I worked and was kind enough to bring me a not-dead-yet bunny. I used Gluck's "we do not experience will in this manner" on him. He's not nearly so impressed with that line as I am. I got the rabbit away from him and it's in a secure location. Its prospects as of now are dubious.

I resent the havoc the rabbits, the chipmunks, the moles and their kind do to the garden. This is the first time he brought one that wasn't expired. It's so small and I'm torn.


Montgomery Maxton said...

do u work behind the scenes in the garden of eden or something

heyyy, my word verification jerbird!

RJGibson said...

I used to. That gig didn't work out too well. I tried to get this girl to eat an apple.