Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Springtime in WV is crazy. Yesterday it was 85 and sunny. Today it's in the 60s, overcast and muggy. Can we please just have a solid week of mild sunny weather? I'm willing to buy God's personal livestock of choice and sacrifice it in the backyard and dance in circles if it would do any good. The humidity and resurgent pollen has effed up my sinuses and given me a doozy of a headache. Plus I'm hyper. I don't think I've ever had this particular combination before.


I got my hair cut today. It had grown to the point that I could pull it back into a teeny weeny ponytail...sort of like Darryl from Kids in the Hall. My bangs came to the end of my nose. This was the longest my hair had been in about 15 years. Enough was enough. Back to shortish and manageable. The pile of hair about the chair was astonishing. I kinda wanted to bag it up and bring it home with me. It wouldn't be the first time I'd done it.


I ran into three separate people while running errands who said some variation of "Is it true you have a boyfriend." Oy. All I wanted to do was make a bank deposit and buy some groceries. Not stand around and fill in nosey people who I didn't know enough to fill in at the beginning. Or try and politely chuckle at the cradle robber jokes. Christ. Who knew buying raisin bran and 1% milk was some sort of social gauntlet.


The pomade the hairdresser put in my hair reeks. It's cloying and the humidity is helping the scent hang in a cloud about my face. I need a shower. Why is all this shit fruit and candy scented now?


The police have identified the three students who called in the 911 hoax at the local high school. Their names are not being released because they're underage. Sadly this kind of thing is only a misdemeanor. They shut down the entire school system for the day and they're probably gonna get off with nothing.


Big ups for my mama who won a "family fun basket" in a drawing sponsored by the board of education as a part of a library fundraiser. It's crazy. She paid 2.50 and has a couple hundred bucks worth of free stuff. 11 pizzas; 12 value meals from local fast food places; free passes for the pool, bowling, movies and golf. A couple of gift certificates for bookstores, too. There's more but I've forgotten.


Montgomery Maxton said...

according to google you and i live approx 3.5 hours apart. lets do coffee.

RJGibson said...

I haven't been to Columbus in years. Last time had to be for Lilith Fair. Not the good year with Missy Eliot. The other one...with Natalie Merchant and her tiresome sincerity. But Sinead O'Connor wore a brocade jumpsuit and was fierce. I miss being an honorary lesbian.

anything but poetry said...

You two together could be trouble... :-) (Bring a tape recorder. Would love to hear that conversation.)