Friday, May 11, 2007

Poem for the Day

I don't usually post my own work here, but considering my earlier post about poems and writing it seemed apropos. I'm not sure how long I'll leave this up.

In Transit

Single shoes on the berms and verges
of roadways and off-ramps. Rusty
armature of a pram in a pasture
halfway to Tampa. Candy-colored
doll house in the rainy north-bound lane.
The left wing of a heron, adhered
to the macadam, catching
the shear of passing cars, waving
beside the cane field.
Hair bands,
thanks for shopping come
bags in the rumble strips and ditches.
The carcasses, the cherished,
the lost-and-never-missed.

The black snake in the middle of its dying:
long back ground open, whipping
its sharp head over itself:
as if frenzy was a suture.
Sometimes you stop the car—

you can’t help it—you have to see.

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