Thursday, May 31, 2007


Yesterday was crazy. The one landscaping project I've taken on is commercial-- for a restaurant/hotel here. It's great, there's diversity-- they're doing herbs, veggies, flowering plants and shrubs--it's not just dogwood, dogwood, cypress, arbor vitae stuff. It's also a fairly large property so they've got more plans for space as time goes on. I think I planted over 100 plants yesterday between that site and home. I expected to have a gardening dream a la Frost's "After Apple Picking" but I slept deeply and well; untroubled by dreams of trowelling, ferting and watering.


Across the street from the property is a halfway house...there's nothing too blogworthy yet, but I think there's potential for future crazy; I've been catching snippets of convos as I'm going about watering and weeding--it's not like I actively try to hear, but there's some loudness at that place. Today a work crew was in putting up a huge tent for an event this weekend. A couple of girls from the home decided to put on their skimpies and lay out on a blanket. They had their hip hop and reggae blaring, giggling and watching the work crew--I think all the bad tattoos reminded them of their time in stir. I was between the two groups, transplanting wild geraniums feeling like I was somehow eavesdropping.


I'll update on the funky tomatoes--I'm really curious to see how they fare, especially regarding blight and such things. If they prove to be hardy and tasty, I'll be more than happy to share seeds with any intrepid horticultural types who want em.


Keith Woodruff said...

100 plants?

Good Lord, you deserve to have a poem like After Apple Picking written in your honor. Man, the dedication and effort you put into the ground blows me away. But I can share, on an infinitely smaller scale, that my two basil plants are thriving.

That's an awesome Frost poem by the way. Do you enjoy Frost at all?

RJGibson said...

50 clumps of daylilies and siberian iris; 3 shrubs; about 30 herbs at the hotel. At home: 12 tomatoes, 3 vincas, 4 basil, chives, and a handful of foxglove starts.

Ahhhh I loves me some basil...sadly so do the slugs. I've planted 4 reserve basils just to make sure I get some.

Part of this is dedication, part of this is the challenge of doing it and a very small part of this is getting paid to do it. Though the confluence of making money and doing something I love is a welcome change.

I had a great Aesthetics class one semester where we read only Frost and Eliot. It was really fascinating looking at them alongside one another--considering influences and how they reacted to it. His meters are inescapable. They're the poetry equivalent of the ear worm for me. I don't read him a lot, but I try to sit down with him every couple of years and just enjoy it.