Saturday, May 5, 2007

Diggin' In the Dirt

Despite the rain's insistence on intermittent drippling I got most of the stuff planted. 3 lilacs transplanted (1 white, 2 purple) 3 types of columbines transplanted. Also sowed a bunch of seeds. Almost 20 varieties...too much to sit and retype. I'm hoping the cats don't think this new sandy expanse is a bigger better cat box and do their business there; at least not until the seeds have a fighting chance to sprout and establish. I even managed to get in some more weeding before it got too drizzly. If it's even marginally nice tomorrow I have to plant the bulbs.

The bunny survived the night, so he/she/it has been released. Of course, as Brian pointed out, this is probably in vain--if the cats want to eat him, they will.

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