Monday, May 21, 2007

Dream Snippet

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I totally forgot to blog this this morning.

Wednesday night I dreamt about Robert Bly. I was in an archway between two rooms and he was approaching me, wearing an embroidered vest and cravat. We walked up to one another and shook hands and I said "You're shorter than I'd imagined." He was probably 5'4" in the dream, coming up just to my collarbone.

I've never (in my memory) dreamed about another poet (that I don't know personally) and am (more than a little) surprised that he's my first. Likewise--I have no idea why he'd surface now.


Montgomery Maxton said...

last week i had a hot naughty dream w/ two male poets. my first, i was delighted.

RJGibson said...

I'm sort of glad mine was just a "shake hands, say howdy" dream--I don't think I could handle hot naughty Bly.

Keith Woodruff said...

Hot naughty Bly? Oh my. That's definitely a deep image.

It never occured to me until now but what the hell? I have never had a "meet a poet" dream and it's not like we are strangers.

BTW - I tagged ya.