Friday, June 22, 2007

Drive By Shooing

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The hotel and restaurant property where I landscape has two built in planters that are each of the building's side entrances. One is pretty shady so it's planted with several white-margined hosta, the other planter is in full sun and is filled with a variety of annuals.

The other morning I get there, about to water and I notice a rather large clump of petunias had been uprooted. I assumed it had been done by a drunk patron, cursed my fellow men and went on about my morning. I show up the next morning, same thing.

It turns out that this has been done not by drunk patrons, but a female mallard, who's chosing to nest in the planter. She was there this morning when I arrived, displacing herself as I approached, abandoning her egg.

I also found a discarded Sierra Mist can that had been McGyvered into a smoking apparatus. It brought back memories of college.

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